DISL Automatic – I’m a vegan

Give me the veggies, give me the fruit
give the me the greens, give me the roots
give me the seeds, give me legumes
I got what you need, i’m giving you truth
I’m a Ve-Ve-gan

————- Verse ————-

You could say this is a truth ballad
I start my day off with a fruit salad
 i’m carbed up, feeling healthy and full of energy
food is my prevention, I don’t need chemical remedies
i don’t take prescription pills
i’m never feeling sick or ill
unless we talking about the rhymes I spit and how I flip my skill
this is real, gotta maintain fitness
being vegan ain’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle and we live this
plant based BIGness
you see the way I lift this BIG heavy weight, I ain’t protein deficient
food is big business and you know the corporations lie
why would the tell the truth about the products they supply
when they know that they are harmful and they cause disease
all you need is to do the research and start to read about the business of animal agriculture
we ain’t carnivores or hunters
we are scavengers like vultures
a scavenger eats decomposing flesh
carnivores hunt and kill they’re prey and eat it raw and fresh
yeah we can eat mean but that doesn’t mean we have to
that doesn’t mean it’s natural
that doesn’t mean we can’t choose
a different way of living that will help the ecosystem
and save the animals who are suffering as victims
of enslavement, rape, exploitation and murder
so that overfed people can enjoy a cheeseburger
“But DISL, I can’t help it, I just love the taste!”
well I love having sex but that don’t mean that I should rape
that don’t mean that I should take something that is not mine
carnivore and cannibal are separated by a fine
line of morality
“But DISL, plants are living too, so when you eat them you are still causing casualties”
true, but it takes tons of plants to feed the animals
so being vegan saves the plants, the animals and planet too
deforestation, a sick population
and animal suffering are results of indoctrination
by the corporations
who only care about their bottom line
a way that you can fight them is to GO VEGAN and now’s the time!