MDC – Real Food

Aww yeah, Yo this one’s for my homies at McDonald’s. Yo listen up, check it.

I’m not here to convince you and I’m not gonna preach,
but if you keep eating meat I’m just gonna reach for the gat,
And take you out right now because you’re not just killing a pig or a cow
you’re fucking me up to, now what am I supposed to do
stand idly by while you do what you do
You’re ruing the world with your addiction
to dead animals, I will bust non-fiction
For example 25 gallons of H20 makes a pound of wheat, but did you know it takes
100 times that much to make a pound of beef, so from our water shortage we get no relief
when over half of the water goes to produce meat and cattle eat up all the grain that we could eat.
But we don’t ’cause we won’t understand the demand to make better use of our food and our land.
90% of our corn and oats feed livestock that’s why I hope that you’re listening.
yeah I said I wouldn’t preach, well I lied. Alright who cares what you eat.
I just want you to know while you’re getting fat on your burgers, I’m gonna go get the gat.

I’m gonna get the gat because it makes a lot of sense, it’s not a personal thing
it’s just self defense
you’re not taking me out with your destructive diet
I’m gonna draw the gat on you just like Wyatt Earp.
Yeah, Earp that’s the sound that you make when you burp after you eat up a big thick steak
You know to think of it I’ll be helping you out when I end your life quick cause without a doubt
You’ll be dying much slower from colon cancer, but hey that’s your decision.
I’ll wait for your answer.
Oops, sorry times up, take that,
between cancer and a gun I’ll take the gat.
It’s not only quicker it’s less expensive
the cost of chemotherapy is most extensive
but who pays for it? me that’s who, when my health insurance costs go through the roof
Cancers not the only choice if you please, you can have liver kidney and heart disease
Ulcers, constipation, salmonellosis, hypoglycemia, multiple sclerosis
yes these diseases are funky and fresh
and all can be yours when you eat dead flesh
Rolling rolling rolling, tumors in your colon, blood pressure is growing RAW HIDE
and just think of the homies who’ve died
so as a courtesy to you and for your own protection
and before your body’s riddled with mass infection and
before you die of causes that you think are natural G,
I’m gonna go get the gat.

Yeah I hear you, I’ve heard it all before
“You can’t tell me what to buy in the store
I’m sick of you bitching about what’s in my kitchen
I find that liberal bullshit your picking.”
Yo shut up, listen up you fuck up, I’m fed up,
Yeah, I used to eat meat, but I beat that deceit
And the the crap of the trap of the wrap of the food that’s not food
and I’ll be rude and crude cause that’s my mood
and my voice and my choice and my rhyme this time,
yeah I mind that you’re so damn blind
that your eating from the wrong link of the food chain
And I didn’t even mention yet about the pain
that the animals live in before they are given the bullet or the mallet
to satisfy your pallet
but before it gets to you, there’s some things they do
like chemicals and dyes and nice happy lies
like “meat is part of the four food groups”
if you’ve study nutrition you know you’ve been dooped
you get better protein from soy beans
with a third of fat now what cha think about that
When you look at the vitamins and compare the price
you’re much better off eating beans and rice
but let me reiterate my own position
I’m a god damn drunk I don’t care about nutrition
so just think about what I have said
then make up your own mind in your head
and throw away your meat or give it your cat
but if not that’s ok
I’m gonna go get the gat.