Slaughterbox – Arrogance And The Loss Of Human Dignity

Any being that’s not human shall be enslaved, killed, cosmetic or eaten.
Hubristic xenophobes the worlds most immaculate deception ever imposed.
Damned, condemned, mortified and chagrined, debased, incompetent, insignificant humans.
Do you remember the last time you felt a sense of human pride or dignity of any kind?
As for me, a distant memory I can’t remember to forget.
Crimes against humanity, flora, fauna, earth and the galaxy ashamed of an
entire species, avaracious pigs fighting for feces.
Rapacious continuation in gluttonous excess, more still more, we want more.
Decimate, dominate, infiltrate, subjugate, masticate, defecate.
Fornicate, copulate, procreate, populate then repeat.
Coprophilous pernicous existence on a godless rock.